40th Anniversary

- IIDA as "A City of Puppetry"


World Puppet Festival to be Held!

3 (Fri.) -12 (Sun.) August 2018

All Performannces Program.

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World Puppet Festival is going to be held in Iida city in 2018. It will be the 40th year since Iida city started its policy "A City of Puppetry" in 1979 and will also be the 20th year since residents started working on Iida Puppet Festa in 1999.

This year, we focus on the great diversity which puppetry art has been developing all over the history and the world. We would like you, all who join the Festival, to enjoy and experience various kinds of styles, from a traditional puppet drama which people has been enjoying in public for more than 100 years, to a most advanced expression which cannot be seen even in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. We are planning to invite more than 20 performers from 5 continents.

The Festival is also a good opportunity to find unique puppetry works from our city "Iida," which is a rural city located in the middle of a mountainous area, with about 100,000 residents live in. In this small city are people of different ages working on cultural and creative activities, including a traditional Japanese puppet drama called "Bunraku" and an astonishing spectacle featuring giant puppets.


  • AVIAMA (Association Internationale des Villes Amies de la Marionnette) General Assembly.
  • National High School Cultural Festival ( The puppetry section ) -Will be held during World Puppet Festival in 2018.

The Three Musketeers Alfa Theatre (Czech)

Four Seasons Teatr Animacji (Poland and Japan)

Count to One – Yase Tamam (Iran)

Hsin Hsing Ku Puppet Show Troupe (Taiwan)

Tears by the River - Krystal Puppeteers (Kenya)

Giant Puppet Salamander (Iida, Japan)

Iida Puppet Festa Executive Committee

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